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Tomfoolery Cut n Run Riesling 2020

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Over an ale or three a treasure map is drawn, its destination a parcel of unclaimed old vine Riesling. A rabble of scallywags are conscripted for the voyage and after rowdy debate and eventual munity, the grail is found. With shots over the bow the prize is plundered and they fled like pirates.

Winemakers Notes
Definitely very drinkable now for the lovers of fresh delicate Rieslings but is picked early and built to reward the serious cellaring types.

‘I’m lucky enough to be mentored by one of Australia’s true Riesling legends. Thanks, Andrew Wigan’ – Ben Chipman

Colour: Clear Straw

Bouquet: lime citrus, spice, mineral

Palate: Delicately weighted with upfront Bickford lime juice, bursts of acidity with juicy fruit and solid rocky backbone to go the journey.