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Limeburners American Oak Whisky

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The Great Southern Distillery was first opened in 2004 by Cameron Syme, who spent time working for a multinational commercial law firm, at that time he had 10 years’ experience as an accountant in Australia and the United Kingdom and gained a UK Trades Board “General Certificate in Distilling”. Cameron’s research was very thorough taking him 14 years to collect enough resources and information to create something extra special.

His heritage was in fact from Scotland where his family history of distilling took place, so owning a distillery seemed like it was destiny. The distillery is very small by world standards but they like it this way as it helps to spend more time producing quality single malt whisky. Each batch of spirit is produced and bottled by hand which means that they only produce spirit of the highest standard.

The Great Southern Distilleries Standard Single Malts are 43% abv and have been brought down from barrel strength by filtered rain water. Made and hand bottled at the Great Southern Distillery on the harbour’s edge in Albany, this complex and elegant single malt whisky is distilled in traditional small batch copper pot stills from local barley. 

When first released in early 2016 this expression became an instant favourite and Sold Out in record time.

This whisky from Limeburners was matured in refill American oak bourbon barrels. American Oak exhibits gentle citrus and honey aromas and has a bright, golden colour with a bold, full flavour, upfront spice, vanilla notes and a medium to long finish. It is 43% Alc/Vol. Please enjoy responsibly.

Our Tasting Notes

Nose: Peaches and apricots, soft caramel, vanilla, dried hay, fresh barley and citrus.

Palate: Stone fruits, vanilla fudge, malted barley, soft citrus, spiced oak and rose-water.

Finish: Vanilla, caramelised hazelnuts, honey sweetness and soft spice.