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Landbier 1857 Helles Lager

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Aktien Landbier 1857 Helles Golden Lager is 5.3% ABV. Founded in 1857 the brewery was far ahead of the time with their refrigeration and storing facilities. As such it created the cool, constant conditions necessary to make great Lagers. This has been carried on over the years and is demonstrated in every bottle.

Original 1857 is a bottom-fermented export beer of unusually high quality. Golden yellow in color, with a fine white head of foam, as the glass is being filled it already promises the waiting beer connoisseur to expect a tangy, fresh and tasty beer. On initial tasting, Original 1857 develops a full-bodied spicy flavor and then gives a satisfying balanced hopped note in the aftertaste. This is provided by the high degree of fermentation, which also makes Original 1857 particularly agreeable. It looks golden and the beer has a flavor of green apples, honey and flowers. The beer has a mild body and is not too bitter.

500ml bottle