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Fosseys Shiraz Gin

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Shiraz Grapes are a vine grown celebration of Australian produce at its finest, and no strangers to the world stage of red grapes, are our own Mildura grown.

Packed with flavour, full bodied in structure and bold in its own right, the Shiraz Grape flourishes in our gorgeous country side.
Typically used to create amazing Shiraz Wine, Fossey’s has captured the essence of this sensational grape and married it with our ever fabulous Gin to create something robust and unique.

Vine ripened to perfection and left to naturally semi dry, our Fossey’s Gin Shiraz Grapes are hand picked with care and immediately coupled with our Gin to extract and maximise the flavour to its full potential without compromising the rich, fruity pepper aura with a charming currant taste and inviting chocolate undertones.

Lustfully smooth and passionately embracing of your palate, Fossey’s Shiraz Gin takes you on delightful stroll through the vineyards of Mildura with the warmth of the afternoon sun on your cheeks and the crisp smell of autumn in the air.