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Emerald Island Premium Dry Gin 700 ml

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Emerald Island Premium Dry Gin is made with the finest all natural ingredients. With bold notes of juniper, garden grown cumquats and local raspberries (& a whole lot more) this gin is fresh and fabulous. Serve over ice with a dash of soda, shake into a dry martini, or top with Fever-Tree Light Tonic. Don’t be scared of a short mix either, bigger is not always better. You don’t want to drown this little gem. A lowball glass, high ice and half the mixer, means Emerald Island Premium Dry Gin can take the lead role.

Expect loads of flavour from this delightful little number. Our Premium Dry Gin is complemented by all things berry and summer fruit. We recommend garnishing with a basil flower, a slice of nectarine, or a tortured raspberry (all three work well too).

Take your time with it, appreciate not only the flavour but the fragrance. Best imbibed in a semi-reclined position...hammock or poolside recliner equally fitting. The lady inside the bottle has the position nailed.