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Emerald Island Berry Slow Gin

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Berry Slow Gin is Emerald Island Distillery's take on a traditional English-style Sloe Gin (thus the cheeky spelling). Sloe Gin is traditionally made with Sloe Berries (actually a kind of tiny plum), however our Emerald Island Slow Gin is entirely local.

Taking advantage of the succulent tropical berries of the region, Emerald Island Berry Slow Gin changes with the seasons. Sometimes popping with the flavours of juicy blackberries, or the tarty zing of plump little raspberries, with the illusive fragrance of blueberries ever present. Berry Slow Gin always feels celebratory.

Don't be fooled by the vibrant, while totally natural colour. Berry Slow Gin is no prissy drink. Boasting all the boldness of a full-bodied gin, Berry Slow is delicious served neat on ice with a crimp of mint, or with a squeeze of lime & topped up with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic (we like to garnish with a twist of peel).

Or enjoy as a Berry Slow Spritz – A generous glass of ice, Berry Slow Gin, topped with a cascade of quality Australian Sparkling (& seriously we do mean quality, don't mix it with any old trash - we personally love Clover Hill). Garnish to your audience…wedges of lime…or berries & basil flowers. A festive winner!