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Critters Original Vodka

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Critters is about a journey, not just a spirit.


Derived from the creatures that inhabit our deepest oceans, each drink is a quest for adventure and exploration.


Our Angler Fish carries her distinctive lure, a feature that is only worn by the females, used to attract her prey along with the males of her species who latch on and never let go, which brings truth to the original belief that Vodka awakes lust and improves fertility.


Living in the depths with limited light, adaptive sensory receptors are essential for the fine-tuned Angler Fish.  Comparatively, we use analogue instruments and glassware relying on touch, taste and smell.  With our fine heart cuts, we don’t need to carbon filter our Vodka, using a double distillation method through an eight-plate column gives our product its own unique characteristics to be savoured and appreciated.